Setup Chromecast for Windows Using Extension

The Google Chromecast is the revolutionary Streaming device made for fulfilling the streaming needs of the everyday people. With the help of Google Chromecast, we can stream the contents in the smartphone or the computer to the TV or any connected display. If you’ve bought the Chromecast, then you’ve to learn how to setup chromecast for Windows 10.

The Chromecast can stream the content from your Windows, Linux or Mac PC to the connected television. In this post, we are going to discuss how to download chromecast for windows 10 and setup procedure of the same.

For the first timers, the setup procedure looks a little bit complicated. All they can do is to download chromecast for Windows 10 and then search for video tutorials. In this post, I will share the most straightforward method to install Chromecast extension for Windows 10 and then start using the device quickly.

Chromecast for PC download

Before proceeding to the Chromecast Setup, we have to perform Chromecast for Windows download first, then move on to the process. If you want to set up the Chromecast for Windows from Android or iOS device, then you’ll need to download the “Google Home” app. The Google Home app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for respective Platforms.

Setup Chromecast for Windows

If you are going to Setup Chromecast from Windows computer, then you have to download chromecast extension for Windows 10 or any other Version of Windows you are using. After installing the Chromecast extension in Google Chrome browser, we can proceed further to setup Chromecast on Windows.

Setup Chromecast on Windows

After you’ve installed the App on the smartphone or the Chrome Extension in Google Chrome, then you can proceed with the setup procedure.

From Smartphone

  1. First of all, connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV.
  2. Then, connect to a WiFi network on which you want to connect your Chromecast too.
  3. Now, open the Google Chrome app and click on “Set up” and log in with the Google Account.
  4. After logging it, approve the Asked Permissions and Start Scanning the nearby Chromecast devices.
  5. As you’ve connected to the Chromecast to HDMI TV, you’ll be able to discover it in the Google Home App. Once you find the Chromecast, tap on “Set up” to start the connection.chromecast on windows 10
  6. Now, you’ll see the Chromecast Pairing code on the TV Screen. Type the code correctly in the smartphone and Complete the connection.
    chromecast extension for windows 10
  7. Now, Name your Chromecast as you like and proceed.
  8. It’s the time to connect the Chromecast to the Wifi network that’ll help you to stream the contents from Smartphone to Chromecast and then to TV.
    chromecast Setup Android
  9. Once connected, complete the on-screen procedures and you are ready to roll with the Chromecast.

On Computer

  1. First of all, make sure you’ve downloaded the Google Chrome Extension to setup chromecast and Connected the device in HDMI slot of the TV.
  2. If you’ve not downloaded the Chrome Extension, then visit site to start the setup.
  3. Once you are on this site, the Chrome will start searching for nearby Chromecast device.
  4. When the Chrome finds your Chromecast, Click “Set Up”.
    chromecast for windows download
  5. Once you click “Set Up”, the  Verification code will be shown on the TV. Carefully type the code in the  Browser and proceed further.
    chromecast for pc download
  6. Now, change the name of Chromecast device as you like and then connect the device to your Wifi network.
  7. Sign into your  Google Account, and you’re ready to Roll!

Final Words

That’s how you can setup Google Chromecast Device from your Android device and the computer. The procedure looks pretty complicated, but it’s not at all. By following these steps correctly, you can set up the chromecast and start streaming your favourite movies and videos to the big Television.

I hope you loved these in-depth tutorials to download chromecast for windows 10 and Setup the device pretty quickly. If you are facing any issues, then please comment down below.

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